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How To Take the Best Travel Photos

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There are so many advantages to traveling. There’s the life experience, the opportunity to share memories with loved ones, and the ability to see how people all over the world live. There’s also the amazing photos you can take while you’re on the road. If you’re living a nomadic lifestyle or simply planning a trip, the photos you take are something you’ll cherish for many years to come.

The following are some easy tips to can keep in mind to take the best possible pictures, whether for Instagram, or just your personal collection.

The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds may seem a little professional if all you’re trying to do is capture amazing images for your memories, but it’s really not complicated, and it’s an important picture-taking rule to always keep in mind for the best results.

The rule of thirds means that if you’re taking a picture, you break the image into three equal parts, which can be done vertically or horizontally. You want the key aspects of the image you’re planning to take to be virtually separated into three parts that are equal to one another. If you’re using a smartphone, you can use the grid feature to make sure you get this right.

Brighten Shades and Reduce Highlights

If you want balance in your images, you should try to make sure you’re adjusting the shadows and highlights the right way. You would generally aim to brighten shadows and darken highlights. A lot of photo-editing apps and filters will allow you to do this automatically, so take advantage.

When you do, you’re going to get a picture that seems more even-toned.

Look For Scenes with Bold Colors

If you’re scouting out a place for the perfect travel photos on your next trip, aim for an area where there are vibrant colors you can take pictures of. Vibrant colors work well in photography, which is why you’ve probably seen so many pictures of those colorful umbrellas that line the Italian coast, as an example.

Another specific thing to look for when choosing photo subjects are places that will distinctively show where you are, such as local street art.

In general, for excellent photos, you might follow the rule of people, places, and things.

Get Closer

If you take a lot of travel photos and just feel like they’re missing something, consider getting closer. According to the pros, that’s one of the biggest mistakes amateurs make—they’re too far from their subject. The closer you can get, the more of the unique details you’re going to get in the picture.

Finally, think about the sun and the time of day. You want your pictures to have the best light possible, so if you’re taking a picture of a person against a beautiful backdrop, try to make it so the sun is shining on their face. If you’re taking a picture of a mountain, try to get the sunny side. Also, sunrise and sunset are the very best times of day to get stunning travel pictures so you might consider getting up early or waiting around until early evening to get your next picture.