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Coming Up with a Great Itinerary Lombok

When trying to come up with an itinerary lombok tour, makes sure that your trip covers the following places: the Rinjani Mount, resort area around Sekotong and Lombok’s southwest region, Kuta Beach and Lombok’s south region, the Gili Islands, local places that sell handicrafts, as well as the untouched villages around the Island’s central region. To be able to cover all these, though, you will have to get a 1-week trip to Lombok. However, this depends on how you get there. If you go by air, then a 6-day stay should be enough. But if you choose to go by slow ferry from Bali’s Padang Bay port, then adding one or two days to the time schedule is highly suggested. Here is the breakdown for your trip plan should look like:

  1. If you go by ferry, you can begin your Lombok holiday with trekking to Mount Rinjani. But make sure that you stay for the night in either Mataram or Senggigi.
  2. From there, you can head on to Sembalun or Senaru the next day.
  3. From either of the aforementioned points, you can start trekking to the Mount for three days tops.
  4. Once completed, head back to the Island’s beaches, either Gili Islands or Senggigi. The beaches do not need so much time to explore. You can cover them all in one day.

If this looks too short an itinerary lombok trip for you, it is because the Island of Lombok is still developing its tourism industry. As such, your trip should be focused on the Island’s main attractions. However, if you do indeed have some time to spare, you can rent a motorcycle and explore the Island on your own. Just keep in mind that you should bring a map to prevent yourself from getting lost. As for the suitable time to go to the Island, consider going at any time between June and October. During this period, the Island is in its dry season so you can travel to even the remotest sections of it conveniently. Lombok’s wet season is more humid but you can still travel in this season, except that you need to be ready for rainfalls. In general, compared to Bali, Lombok is much quieter. The traffic in the Island is also less hectic. Coral reefs protect the beaches thus it is considered safer for diving, snorkeling, or swimming. However, the currents in Gili Islands are pretty strong and life guards are not available.

Your itinerary to lombok should also encompass the Island’s local public holidays and special events, which include:

  1. Ramadhan (the fasting month) lasts for a month. At the end of it, is Idul Fitri, a day of big celebrations that are held on streets and pretty much everywhere.
  2. Hari Raya Ketupat, a festival held in Senggigi a week of Idul Fitri.
  3. Idul Adha (the day of sacrifice)
  4. Maulid Nabi (the celebration of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday)
  5. Perang Ketupat, a Hindu rain festival held annually in Lingsar. The festival is held at any points between October and December.
  6. Pujawali, an annual Hindu celebration to honor the God Batara.